Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why we make art:

I create art because I need it like my lungs need oxygen. Chances are
if I need so badly to create it, someone else out there needs to
experience it.

Lauren Williams

Art creates me.
Stacey Geyer
I make my art because no one else has or ever will do so. I make my art because I have desire to create that I just cannot ignore for some reason. I make my art because it is fun.

Ryan Perea

Making art gives me the opportunity to explore my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. While I have my thoughts, feelings, and ideas out in front of me I can confront them, express them, and deal with them. Making art is a very liberating and empowering adventure through the senses.

-Jonathan Wolloch

i make art because i can.
i make art - so what? i also breathe.
i make art because you need me to.

I make art to give myself and others a thrill. You can see all my work at:

I create because my soul demands it.

My answer is simple. I make art because I love it.

I'm too old and too selfish to do anything I don't enjoy.

It's great when people say they like it and gratifying when they are willing to pay money for it, but I would do it even if no one liked it and/or no one bought it.

Nancy Nuce


  1. Because it is a part of who I am.

  2. This is interesting. I started the year with the same question. Got lots of good comments from artists. If you are interested....