Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ten Habits of Successful Artists

A week into my journey and I've already reached some internal road blocks. Questioning my talents and abilities, but mostly having trouble organizing and making a solid plan. This is generally due to my ethereal nature. I don't own anything that resembles a watch!
Are you like me, struggling with organization and planning and attacking the business side of art? If so, this article will help clear away some of the brush. The Ten Habits of Successful Artists is not just a list, but it actually explains why these are good habits for any career artist to keep. Personally, I noticed at least 6 of the habits involved connecting with other people in some way. In other words, successful artists are not sitting at home waiting to be 'discovered'.
I like what Farrah Gray, a business prodigy who became a millionaire at the age of 14, says: 'It's not about being at the right place that the right time, it's being everywhere all the time.'

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