Friday, January 1, 2010

What you need to start building your career as an artist

I think most people view making art as self-expression. Maybe this is why it's difficult for us artists to come to terms with making a living creating art. But if this is your passion and this is what you're best at, why should you put it off any longer? If expressing your vision or evoking emotion or teaching lessons through art is what you do best, don't shrink into a corner and hide. Recognize your gift and share it with the world! If you haven't already, please read the Career Artist's Manifesto in the above post.
So what do we need to get started? We already have the passion and the determination to make this our career. According to a lot of successful people, we're half-way there. There are loads of practical steps you can take, but passion and drive is the fuel that will get you there.
I'm at square one, besides selling a few small pieces on Ebay over the years. I do not have a B.A., neither am I wealthy or well-connected. After reading and listening to success stories in different arenas, not just art, what I surmised is that my first step should be to get a mentor. Someone who is where I want to be and is willing to offer their time and advice so that I can be successful at accomplishing my goal. What's after that? It depends on who you are and what exactly you want to do. No two people will have the same path.
I've had this song in my head since yesterday. My credo for 2010, "Keep on movin' "

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