Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm featured artist on Artsy Shark this week

It's not an easy feat to carve out an relevant existence for yourself in the art world. I read artist's interview the other day and when asked what the problem with the art world was, the artist responded, "There are too many artists." It can be really tough for emerging artists. That's why I love what Carolyn Edlund is doing at Artsy Shark. Each week, she features an interview with a new emerging artist. This week I was privileged enough to be featured artist. Visit the site to read my interview. Thanks Carolyn!


  1. Congrats I hope this gives you a boost. I'll post a link to this post and the interview in my next blog which should be either tonight or late friday.
    You have such a way with your brush - your pictures are all very haunting and I don't mean that in the ghostly sense. There is an "other wordly" shade to your portraiture. Just a hint. Speaking personally it just lifts the painting from the canvas but you never lose sight of the "reality" of the people you capture.

  2. Did you actually get ANYTHING out of Artsy Shark?