Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The life of an Artist

Dear aspiring artist, 

You have just embarked on a long voyage to a far away place. Hopefully, you have packed well and are prepared for the tempestuous journey ahead. You will need heaps of passion to drive you forward and a measure of confidence in your abilities, to keep your ship afloat. Do not forget to use your compass by being true to who you are and always keep a map in hand to remember your goals. Your binoculars will serve you well to spot opportunities for exploration. 
Welcome visitors, but never let anyone else captain your ship!
You will have more questions than answers and more doubts than assurances. You will feel lonely, desperate and at times, lost. This is the life of an artist. We choose to live on the edge, because on the edge are where the most possibilities lie. Now, let's make some art!

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