Thursday, February 11, 2010

Act like an Artist

I've been reading, "Letters to a young artist", which is a wonderful and inspiring read. Julia Cameron writes from the perspective of an old and seasoned artist who has seen the many joys and pains of living as a Creative. You follow the correspondence of these two artists, at opposite ends of the spectrum. The young artist is concerned with the "appearance" of being an artist. The stereotypical life style that leads to overdose or emotional burnout. The minimalist furniture, basic black and philosophical banter. This kind of artist, Cameron insists, often has a blank canvas or page. They walk around with novels in their heads, waiting for inspiration or mental space to put it all down. It is much better to act like an artist, then it is to look like one. The veteran artist repeatedly urges to younger artist to create. To just make something, even if it's bad. You have to make bad art to get to the good stuff. Set aside time each day to write, sketch, etc. your hand will become steadier, your perspective stronger, your vision clearer.

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  1. You've gleaned some wonderful material from "Letters to a Young Artist." I love Julia Cameron. I also have been reading "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women."